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O trabalho de Dylan Roscover é fascinante e perfeito. Dylan mistura diversas palavras e alterna entre os tamanhos da fonte e formatos, tudo para dar a perfeição de profundidade, volume e sombras.  // The work of Dylan Roscover is fascinating and perfect. Dylan mixing various words and switches between font sizes and formats, all to give the perfection of depth, volume and shadows.

Tipografia em movimento, por Dylan Roscover

15 Illustrations About What This World Is Coming To

15 Illustrations About What This World Is Coming To

15 Illustrations About What This World Is Coming To. ---ok fuck the potato, that art was actually extremely powerful don't try to butter me up with ur meme bullshit

'The Birth of Type' by *theexperiential Adobe, the leading developer of design applications, commissioned us for a social illustration of Venus by Botticelli, the mascot and inspirational imagery behind one of their flagship products, Illustrator.  Composed of over 1,300 unique submissions of user’s favourite fonts, generated from the Adobe Facebook page for Illustrator, this project was literally created by the users, for the users. We couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out.

Spotlight on Dylan Roscover Artist pours his heart and soul into creative endeavors, from calligrams to animation projects, all created using Adobe® Creative Cloud™.

[Infográfico] O Básico da Tipografia para Não Designers

[Infográfico] O Básico da Tipografia para Não Designers

- Marilyn Monroe - by BenHeine

Marilyn Monroe by Ben Heine. This portrait is made with thousands of flat circles—each circle placed individually on a black background. Designated as Digital Circlism, this portrait series seems to be a synthesis of Pop Art and Pointillism

Winston Churchill with his famous quote all over his face

Amateur Spanish artist Juan Osborne chooses from texts, poems, and books are the words that are associated with the way he has. Each painting is carefully going on a netbook with a program written by the artist.

Dennis Hopper

40 Beautiful Examples Of Typography Portraits

Jules (Portrait) by neo-innov                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Black and white portraits series.I try to create an image that retains the freshness of the first paint stroke, and to find the union between spontaneity and realism.

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Ohio-based artist John Sokol had a novel idea when he decided to create portraits of famous literary artist portraits using the subjects’ own words.

Words That Look Like What They Mean

I love a smart logo, but I also like simple logos. I think that these are examples of good logos that just used simple type treatments to achieve a great result. All simple and eye catching