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Nenhuma coleção de temperos é completa sem folhas de louro. Por milhares de anos, os seres humanos a utilizam em alimentos devido às suas propriedades de m


Eqyptian version of the Tree of Life. Árvore da Vida na versão Egípcia. - Espiritualidade - auto-conhecimento - meditação - meditation
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Strategies for improving your software testing skills and working on your own based on Isaac Newton:  - use older texts and materials not just the work of your contemporaries - use critical thinking objectively applied to your material - study the published and demonstrated work of other practitioners - if they havent published then ask if they have code or evidence they can share - Use their work as a benchmark for what is possible and "up your game - Look for the evidence behind the…
According to the Washington Times,1 WebMD, the second most visited health site on the World Wide Web, has received a $4.8 million government contract to educate doctors about the ins and outs of the Affordable Care Act, colloquially dubbed “Obamacare.” A similar contract for the public portal to educate consumers might also be in the works. However, the lack of transparency and disclosure of the contract has raised questions about potential conflicts of interest.
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Blue Crush Margaritas

Gender and Scientific Discourse in Early Modern Culture    :  In the wake of new interest in alchemy as more significant than a bizarre aberration in rational Western European culture, this collection examines both alchemical and medical discourses in the larger context of early modern Europe.  How do early scientific discourses infiltrate other cultural domains such as literature, philosophy, court life, and the conduct of households?  How do these new contexts deflect scientific purs...
Sand resonates to different frequencies to create different patterns. (click through for videos)
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