He's writing all he can remember so hopefully won't forget...again. :(

Pretty much burst into flames after reading this [x]. Bucky writing down as much as he could remember in case he was ever in a situation where he would forget everything again.

Do you realize what you've done. Do you realize that I will sob over a backpack if anything happens to it. I'll be doing a headcount in every scene. Steve: check; Sam: check; Bucky: check; backpack: check<<<<<<<fucking me

Ok I always laughed at the "precious child that fastens the clips on his backpack meme' but now I realize that he clips it because he can't lose his memories again and now I'm crying

BB <3

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They killed the boy, Bucky, in And all they left was a shadow behind called The Winter Soldier.

ѕσяяу ¢αρ

Bucky in his boyfriend's clothes. Winter Solider Don't worry Steve, Coulson will make you a new one.

Even when I had nothing, I had bucky

11 x 17 print of my Stucky print printed on glossy paper with a full bleed. ///// OMG😭 this is why i'm team cap because i suport and i will always suport their friendship and because i love bucky