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Flower funfetti cake

flowerfetti cake with a natural funfetti sponge - twigg studios

flowerfetti cake with a natural funfetti sponge - twigg studios

Cake with Edible Flowers

Cake with Edible Flowers- beautiful!

Retro Wreath Cake – A Beautiful Mess

Retro Wreath Cake, makes 2 small cakes

Retro Wreath Cake – A Beautiful Mess

Kali: Food Goddess: 20 Beautiful Dishes with Edible Flowers

Soiree party favor idea Suckers made elegant with edible flowers

How to Bake a Sphere Cake When You Don't Have a Ball Pan

How to Bake a Sphere Cake When You Don't Have a Ball Pan

For those who want to bake sphere cakes have a range of ball shaped pans from which to choose, but you do not need a ball pan to make a cake. The ingredients likely sit in.

Afternoon Tea Cake - I absolutely love this x

magenta lavender purple wedding cakes - Google Search

Ruffle flower and ombre cake by Blissfully Sweet- uh.

@KatieSheaDesign ♡❤ #Cakes ❤♡ ♥ ❥ Gumballs and sprinkles galore cake

Gumballs and sprinkles - I made this for my 5 year old son today. Machine base is 4 rounds, glass bowl from Michaels. Needed lots of support as it was very heavy with all the gumballs!

Stunning wedding cakes | Stunning-picture-of-wedding-cake-with-purple-turquoise-jewels_large  Keywords:  #weddingcakes #jevelweddingplanning Follow Us: www.jevelweddingplanning.com  www.facebook.com/jevelweddingplanning/

Bobbette Belle the Jewel Cake wedding cake: This cake is a variation of a design that we created for Martha Stewart. It features a stunning band of handmade sugar jewels with small gold details and a glittering finish that picks up the light.

Fish Tank Cake

Fish Tank Cake by raspberri cupcakes

3T Round Winter Cake white and blue


Round Winter Cake white and blue For Gail.

Diese Torte mit Blütendekoration ist ein wahrer Augenschmaus! #tollwasblumenmachen #flower #cake

cake with edible flowers // designlovefest

Too cute! Perfect for a woodland themed wedding! // How-Tuesday: Meringue Mushrooms on Etsy //

How-Tuesday: Meringue Mushrooms

How-Tuesday: Meringue Mushrooms - Etsy Journal

This cake could not be easier! Just dollop and go!

"Flower Power" Open Star Tip Cake

Flower Power Cake - This cake design was inspired by my Mother’s Day Open Star Tip Cake. It is simple, it is colorful, and it is an easy way to dress up any cake!

A Dali cake design to kick off an art homage fortnight. I just had to kick it off with Salvador Dali because when I was a kid and absolutely did not fit in at school the art department was my refuge. And it was in the paintings of Dali I discovered that weird can be pretty damned magical and maybe I shouldn’t be so ashamed of mine. I remember one day in particular my art teacher Miss Craig (actual legend), brought in a selection of cream cakes for the kids who stayed back after school…

Homage to Dali cake, finally getting somewhere with fondant, it's been a long road!

Hand painted typography wedding cake with words chosen by the bride and groom, Sweet and Swanky Cakes in Bend, OR

Beautiful Cake Pictures: Typography I Love You Wedding Cake - Wedding Cakes -