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Marbles is one of Snoopy' s brothers and is reportedly the smartest one in the…

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Snoopy's father is seen in the strip from Sunday June 18, 1989, Father's Day of that year. He receives a Father's Day card with eight paw prints on it, which he says is signed by all eight of his offspring (namely, Snoopy, Spike, Belle, Marbles, Andy, Olaf, Molly and Rover).

Snoopy's parents

Snoopy's parents are minor animal characters in the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M.

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The secret to happiness is having three things to look forward to, & nothing to dread!

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Emily first appeared on February 11, 1995 where she asks Charlie Brown to dance with her at an afternoon dance class. In February 16, 1995 Charlie Brown's dance teacher tells him that there is nobody called Emily in the class. The strip from February 17, 1995 shows Charlie Brown thinking that he is dancing with Emily but actually dancing by himself. Emily is a figment of imagination. Emily appeared in two more strips in 1996 and 1999, but on those occasions Snoopy is able to see her too.


When Charlie Brown decides to broaden his social skills by attending a ballroom dance class, this charming young lady approaches and asks him for a waltz. Fred Astaire never had it so good with Ginger Rogers.