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August Macke - Couple in the woods, 1912

August Macke Couple in the woods - August Macke painting in my site, painting Authorized official website

August Macke - Samen met Marc en Wassily Kandinsky richtte hij in 1911 kunstenaarsgroep ‘der Blaue Reiter’ op. Maar in tegenstelling tot Marc en Kandinksy was Macke minder geinteresseerd in de mystieke kant van de beweging.

August Macke - Frauen am See (Die Landung), 1913

August Macke

urgetocreate: “August Macke, Girl with Fish in a Glass Container , 1914 ”

Blaue Reiter - August Macke was only 27 years old when he died. He left a collection of over 500 paintings that describe everyday scenes. He was influenced in his artistic work by the colors of North Africa, where he traveled, and by meeting with fauvist painters such as Marc, Delaunay & Matisse. He was also influenced by cubism, but epitomizes German expressionism.

August Macke was only 27 when he died in He left over 500 paintings. He was influenced by the colors of North Africa and by fauvist painters Marc, Delaunay & Matisse.

August Macke - Promenade

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Turkisches Cafe II August Macke.jpg (295×400)

Turkisches Cafe II August Macke.jpg (295×400)


August Macke Lady in a Green Jacket 1913 by auguste macke

August Macke - Türkischer Schmuckhändler

August Macke - Turkish Jeweller - order at discounted prices!

Poster Leinwandbild "Mädchen vor Dem Springbrunnen" August Macke | eBay

August Macke - Mädchen vor dem Springbrunnen x cm)

Four Girls: ca 1912-13 August Macke 1887 - 1914

Four Girls: ca August Macke 1887 - 1914

August Macke | Paar im Wald • [Der Blaue Reiter]

August Macke - Paar im Wald 1912

August Macke, Paseo, 1913, óleo sobre cartón, 51 x 57 cm, Colección Lenbachhaus, Munich

Promenade - August Macke , 1913 German, 1887 - 1914 Oil on cardboard, 51 cm in.) x 57 cm in.

August Macke - Weide am Bach

August Macke - Weide am Bach - jetzt bestellen auf kunst-fuer-alle.

House in a Landscape August Macke

August Macke - Staudacher's House at Tegernsee, 1910

August Macke (1887 - 1914)

August Macke ~ Die Frau des Künstlers (The Artist's Wife), 1912

Stunning Color Juxtaposition by Delaunay in a Kalaidascopic Triangle form.....Charles and Ray Eames seem to have riffed off this...!

The Many Influences Of Sonia Delaunay...Painter, Color Theorist, Textile and Apparel Designer....

painted plaster, tile or stained glass wall at Orchid Hill 'Farbige Karos' (Colored squares) by August Macke, 1913 - This was from period when he was under the influence of Delauney.