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An ammonite shell viewed in section, revealing the internal chambers and septa. Large polished examples are prized for their aesthetic as well as scientific value.

The Willamette meteorite is the largest ever found in North America. A settler named Ellis Hughes found the meteorite in Oregon in 1902 and moved the 15.5-ton iron rock to his own property.

The Willamette Meteorite is an iron-nickel meteorite discovered in the U. in the state of Oregon, weighs about pounds and is approximately 10 feet tall by feet wide and feet deep.


Botanica Magnifica is the photography portfolio of Jonathan Singer. Some of his work focusses on photographing endangered flowers.

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Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) Detail


False Staghorn Fern - Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii - Ferns are over 370 million years old. Their rigid stem helps to transport water and nutrients to the plant head.

Free symposium at the Flint Institute of Arts uncovers European ...

Free symposium at the Flint Institute of Arts uncovers European art in antique furniture, sculptures and decorative pieces

Nature's Bounty

Nature's Artwork colourful sea urchin shells with beautiful texture and surface pattern inspiration

Im ready for my closeup.

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Geometría en la naturaleza

Geometría en la Naturaleza