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Espaço M: Feliz Dia de Todas as Mães

Espaço M: Feliz Dia de Todas as Mães

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You Can Go Your Own Way: The Paths of Yoga

Harder than it sounds but in my heart know that it is so true---EVERYTHING---Good AND bad happens for a reason---The hard part is trying to figure out WHAT that reason was.

Neat quote to remember for when life throws you a curve ball. "Someday everything will make perfect sense. So, for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.

Live Positive


Yesterday is over :D All your slip-ups are forgiven. The score is zero. Make it positive today!

One of the best things to remember!

remember this, also God loves you for who you not for being someone else, just be who you are in Christ Alone : )


I bought & framed this card. "The real secret to the fabulous life is to live imperfectly with great delight." [Live Imperfectly Card by Curly Girl Design]

One of my favorite songs from Cinderella. LOVE.

This reminds me of a song from the Brandy version of cinderella

Love, honesty and silliness....i know far too many people who dont follow this one bit. period.

Live a life of love, honesty, appreciation, kindness and strength; sprinkles with a little silliness.

Wait, you mean to tell me people actually eat FOOD for breakfast??

Delicious AND Nutritious.

confidence is not they will like me | Confidence is believing in yourself, your abilities, your skills no ...

Confidence is believing in yourself, your abilities, your skills no matter what happened.

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If you are losing your balance in a yoga posse, reach higher. It will steady you. This is true not just in your practice but everywhere in your life! Reach higher for God & prayer to trust Him more.