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Clint Eastwood - #livesensical

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ever noticed when you come across somebody once in a while you should'nt have fucked with ? Well that's him

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American Sniper (2014)

American Sniper (2014) muito bom esse filme!

Clint Eastwood might be the sexiest man that ever lived. Just sayin..

Jessie James Decker - "Cowboy's Sweetheart / Clint Eastwood" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry -

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N.R.A. Defends Right to Own Politicians

The Borowitz Report “Right now, a man like Wayne LaPierre can walk right into Congress and buy any politician he wants,” she said. “There’s no background check, no waiting period. And so hundreds of politicians are falling into the hands of people who are unstable and, quite frankly, dangerous.”

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Clint Eastwood

The Outlaw Josey Wales. 1976. Josey Wales - "Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you're not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. 'Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That's just the way it is."