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Fluorine Uranium Carbon Potassium HAHAHAHA! Some people need to look at the periodic table some more. K?

Go sit in a corner, & look at the periodic table. -- actually potassium is K in the periodic table so u go sit at the corner and look on the table the cat was right !

Knowing math well enough to understand this makes me feel as though I have succeeded in life.

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I need this shirt for school for those who don't speak math: i 8 sum pi or I ate some pie . and it was delicious!

Chemistry...wish it was this fun when i was in school

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Chemistry Cat: Chemistry Cat - LiAr

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Chemistry Cat: Did you hear the one about the chemist reading a book about Helium?

Chemistry humor!  I love it.  So appropriate for what I am studying right now!

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Chemistry Cat Pun.........Oh my......"Goodness" ;)

Chemistry Cat Pun

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Chemistry jokes

Do you see it?

That sign...doesn´t look...

Not handwritten. BTW sign reads, "Destroy The Computer! A Homosexual Invention by Alan Turing. Who cares if he cracked the German Enigma Code and won World War II. It's a Homo's Devil Machine.

So telling this to my chemistry teacher next class :P

I'll be thinking about Science Cat during my Advanced Synthesis and Spectral Characterization final tomorrow.