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Estamos muito felizes por ter conseguido nesta semana o nosso visto de permanência MERCOSUL que

WARIMBA Hammocks comes from the union of the words Wayúu and Guarimba. Wayúu is a native community located in the Guajira peninsula in northern Colombia and northwest of Venezuela near the Caribbean Sea. “Guarimba” in Venezuelan slang means “safe place” and in the last decades, the term has been used to protest against the dictatorial government. WARIMBA's mission is to promote the work of people. https://hammocktown.com/collections/warimba-hammocks-handmade-yucatan-mexican-hammocks

Wandering the streets

nukak maku child

These shirts are sold to benefit Gospel on The Go's Bright Futures program located in Zagreb, Croatia. This program serves to provide an educational support system to the children of the Roma culture.

Peruvian girls. It’s amazing how many people still dress this way, I LOVE the culture in Peru. :)

New Year at Cartagena #colombia

Colombian Independence Day

Speak with our hands first, then our lips. - St. Peter Claver (1581-1654) was sent for mission to Cartagena in Colombia, South America.HedevotedhimselftoserveAfrican slavesreachingthecitybyship,appalledbytheir crammedandfoullivingconditions.Hebrought basicnecessitiestotheseslavesandnursed thembacktohealth.HespoketothemaboutGod andsatisfiedthethirstintheirhearts.Hiswords gavesomuchhopethat300,000peoplewere baptizedinhislifetime.Heisthepatronsaintof slaves.Hisfeastdayison9September.

Happy Memorial of St Peter Claver – September 9 #pinterest #stpeterclaver Although the slave owners tried to stop Fr Claver, he taught the faith to the slaves anyway. It was slow, discouraging work. Many people criticised him, saying it was all a waste of time. They thought the slaves would never keep the faith. But St. Peter was patient and he trusted that God would bless his people. He also went to visit his converts.........

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