Forearm and hand piece.

Mens double forearm and hand tattoos with a raven and a raven's skull, with feathers and the moon on the forearms.

Мои закладки

The meaning of badass word is "ultra cool". As badass tattoos go, this can be a definitely strange part of tattoo art. Additionally, there a.

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Sleeve Tattoo Designs are something regularly looked upon after by tattoo fans all over the world. As you span through the agenda of sleeve Tattoo Designs that

Conan el Bárbaro (también llamado Conan el Cimmerio o Conan de Cimmeria) es un personaje de ficción creado en 1932 por el escritor Robert E. Howard...

Salvajes ilustraciones de Conan el Bárbaro

A fictional sword and sorcery hero that originated in pulp fiction magazine is Conan the Cimmerian, also known as Conan the Barbarian.


The pose and hairstyle are pretty Geisha Tarot. The hairstyle and tattoos bring a fantasy element to the Geisha idea that should definitely be incorporated into this deck.

ETAM Cru Psychedelic Wall Murals, Street Art Gallery

ETAM Cru Psychedelic Wall Murals, Street Art Gallery

Polish duo Etam Cru (Sainer) - The Last Mohican - Oslo, Norway, 2013