soulages - réalise ses strates avec des instruments type : peignes, brosses afin de créé un effet de strate, creux, comme si l'ont avait gratter dans la matière

These abstract minimalist paintings are by French artist Pierre Soulages . To see more of his work go to Minimalissimo .

<I>Hommage</I> à Pierre Soulages | Rhuthmos

Pierre Soulages - the color black and light is all you need

John Franzen "Each line one breath"

Check out this collection of amazing art & creativity! (raw edged cut piece of large paper with this design on it. drawn with black sharpie taped up with fun pink tape behind the couch))

Pierre Soulages - Litographie, No. 2 - 24 X 18 in (60.96 X 45.72 cm)

Pierre Soulages - Abstract Art - Informal Painting - Litographie, No. 2 - 24 X 18 in X cm)