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0_0 don't mind me as i die over here

My face rn I cant even describe it, I'm scared for our perverted fandom. I just idk just we need help.

His face makes this 3000x better

His face makes this better << I think if I was his girl, I'd laugh hysterically and when he came up to me I'd just stare him dead in the face, say no, and walk off. And then come back and give him what he wanted. Just cause its dramatic and funny.

Got exited....

Exclusive first look: 'Big Bang Theory' sends Sheldon directly to jail!

Yes, please. (But this time they better come to my city, as I missed them on the TMH tour and they missed me on the WWA tour)>>i really want them to tour together again

No no no because I don't want them to get One Direction famous.

Harry Styles is amazingly perfect I can't even deal

Am I the only one who read it in that guy's voice in those commercials? That guy.