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Mailbox that is cool!!!!

15 Hilarious Redneck Inventions - funny redneck

Enjoy Only In Texas. Lots of funny pics like Only In Texas collected to serve you.

Best Shotguns: The 10 Greatest Shotguns Ever Made in America

Best Shotguns: The 10 Greatest Shotguns Ever Made in America HA HAAAAA oh haha British shotgun makes look at this laugh

Simple, beautiful and easy: Dollar store project! Stacked glass bowls -- different color or flower in each bowl

what deer?I know this is photo-shopped but reminds me of my husband napping under tree while hunting.woke to find a deer watching him

The MTs-255 Russian Cylinder Shotgun

The (Russian: МЦ is a shotgun fed by a internal revolving cylinder. It is produced by the TsKIB SOO Central Design and Research Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Arms. The Russian-made guns are available in 32 and gauge.

Air Rifles: 4 guns (rifles) you can choose from to get you hunting or plinking. With out the breaking the bank.

Truth About Air Rifles: 4 Guns You Can Actually Shoot- helpful since this is what I use.

7 Best Pump Shotguns for Less Than $500

And people answering phones and I hear shotguns in the background. And I'm going Great you have a shot gun! Can I stay with you?

Oh baby please!!?

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Firearms education for the Low Information Voter

They r variants of hunting rifles but still wrong here. The definition of a assault weapon is a fully automatic !

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Only problem is the guy is using a model 1907 roth styer and the gal has a browning model Kind of antique for protection since he would be hard pressed to find ammo hers would be

Loading that magazine is a pain! Get your Magazine speedloader today! http://www.amazon.com/shops/raeind

Which one is your favorite shotgun?

Run or marry her

Seriously, who dresses like that, other than to pose for a "cute country girl" photo? if I saw a Buckle girl holding a gun, I'd f*g run.