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Embriões humanos em várias fases de desenvolvimento in vitro. Nas fotos podemos ver um óvulo fertilizado, um embrião de 8 células, um embrião a compactar, um embrião em estado de mórula, um embrião em estado de blastocisto e um blastocisto em processo de extrusão.

“Your Beautiful Eyes” by Suren Manvelyan

The Nikon Small World photomicrography competition was expanded to include video three years ago, and the result has been an incredible look into living things on the microscopic scale. This year’s winning video, above, is a three-dimensional look through a 10-day-old quail embryo growing inside its egg.

Mountain Goats

Cervical cancer cells. Wow.

15 Beautiful Microscopic Images from inside the human body- This one : Sperm on the surface of a human egg - Environmentalgraffiti

Not junk at all... ENCODE confirms more recent theories that the bulk of 'junk' DNA is actually littered with switches that determine how the genes work and act as a massive control panel. "Our genome is simply alive with switches: millions of places that determine whether a gene is switched on or off," says lead analysis coordinator Ewan Birney of the EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute.

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) image of human muscle tissue collected from an 18 year old male during tooth surgery. The connective tissue I collagen fibers and red blood cells . Magnification x4200 when printed 10 cm wide.

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