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Add red rock inside edging around cactus plantings. A cactus garden is an opportunity to play with color and design. The cacti shown above are great for patterns, arrangements, and designs.

Even potted, cacti make great additions to your space. Collecting various styles of cactus is a way to make a dramatic and intriguing garden.

Tomáš Kindl - Google+KAKTUSY

Tomáš Kindl - Google+KAKTUSY

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A mixed collection of cacti and succulents, dominated by the large round pincushions of Echinocactus grusonii.

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Opuntia microdasys, also known as the bunny ear cactus or angel’s wings, is a small cousin of the more commonly known prickly pear cactus.


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The Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society

Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society provides activities for people interested in cactus and succulents from around the world.


cactus garden in Spain Sorry about the tea set girls.hers a bunch of cacti instead.

Echinopsis multiplex

A straw flower cactus is a cactus that has a straw flower (or strawflower) attached to it, either with hot glue or a pin. The flower is the bract of Xerochrysum bracteatum and is.