brothers in arms - meeting with a warlord – fantasy art by Jakub Rozalski

Galadar SR from Granblue Fantasy

Galadar SR from Granblue Fantasy

The Cursed Army -Legacy

Guild Wars 2 - Ghosts of Ascalon Concept Art by Kekai Kotaki

Les fabuleuses illustrations de Brenoch Adams

Brenoch Adams- Zombie wielding a torch and large spiked weapon. Accompanied by black birds.

A member of the Hunt approaches the Cultists of Lilith, normally they pursue beasts, occasionally Hunters are tasked with seeking individual lost people or to scout a position for the local Adventurer's House or Mercenary House

Spass und Spiele

cyrail: spassundspiele: dragon fog fantasy concept by vincent lefevre Featured on Cyrail: Inspiring artworks that make your day better

Knights and Armor.

Daughter of Lucifer. She has the ability to control any avion creature and any Demon. She can control any Demon of any rank, even Tálkrow and Takshida.

Artists collaberation - Jana Schirmer, Alex Pascenko, Johannes @ DeviantART

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