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Jane Goodall, from her essay "Gombe, Tanzania," in the book My Favorite Place on Earth: Celebrated People Share Their Travel Discoveries

This is GOLD !

I am not afraid of an argument. Get emotional. Get angry. Because above all else I am terrified of the silence - of things becoming so bad between us there is no longer anything left worth fighting over.

Voor mijn 'lieve' families: voel je aangesproken!! Ik weet het: de kinderen zijn te druk en vragen teveel aandacht dus worden we niet uitgenodigd op verjaardagen en uitjes, maar realiseer je wel: langzaamaan verwijderen jullie jezelf uit het leven van ons, dus als ze jullie niet herkennen... Wiens schuld is dat dan?

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You will be too much for some people. Those arent your people. Glennon Doyle Melton - Love Warrior Image by Lara Frazier

J.M. Storm.

"Sometimes she'll push away what she wants because she wants it too much. And too much scares the hell out of her. Because sometimes people lose themselves in wanting too much. I pushed you away for this reason Mel Payne

powerful. different. anything that is above  average - never ever apologise!!!!

Nothing can be more powerful then a women determined to rise … we have collected some inspiring Strong Women quotes .

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