Fairy tail, Aquarius. Why do I even watch this show if all I ever do is cry. Love.

Fairy Tail shattered my heart in a million pieces, but i still watch it and i still love it

Ikr, I learn more from anime than from school Education systems should've listened to my advice and let is watch anime in class

Ah, how much i've learned from the people who never existed. Thats not true. They do exist, in every otaku's heart.

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Who knew Fairy Tail was pretty much Finding Nemo and Smaug put together?

Rip Natsu, act your age, 400 served and gray                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Rip Natsu, act your age, 400 served and gray More. Can I just say Zeriff in the background.


LOL. Look at this

My heart did broke a little when she actually want to get rid of Lucy.the scar shall forever remain.along with many others that anime brought to me.