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May you all have a long life, and continue your natural place on this earth. May you grow strong and be a very large and wonderful pack, where ever you may choose to roam


Wat is een wolf toch mooi

So Beautiful!

How could anyone hurt him? Surely there's enough room in the world for him and us?

Fighting wolves

Photo fighting wolves par Wolf Ademeit on

Outcry Continues against Reckless Killing of Idaho’s Wolves

Lies and Cold Blood – Wolves Cull Begins in Michigan – Word Matters!


Beautiful white wolf in the snow. It looks like Ghost from Game of Thrones. Just a beautiful creatur.

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The Gray Wolf (Canis lupus; also spelled Grey Wolf, see spelling differences; also known as Timber Wolf or Wolf) is a mammal in the order Carnivora. The Gray.

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Beautiful Amber Wolf Eyes--Running With Wolves Photo

A wolf drinking water in the winter.

Wolf in the snow

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog in the snow

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so beautiful... #planet_animals #wolf #pub More

wolveswalkingintheforest: Grey wolf: Howling I by WhiteSpiritWolf (via wolf-trapped-in-human-body)

Please protect our Wolves

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snow photography animals Black and White wolf beautiful MY EDIT b&w monochrome bw snowy white wolf b&w photography


Wolfgang of Wolf Park climbs into the branches of a tree as he goes for a piece of cheese placed by Monty to entice him into the tree.

Cub being loved by her pack.

"Don't worry it's my family " Wolf pups are highly protect by all pack members.