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Ineens ziet iedereen de wolf - Het Nieuwsblad

Ineens ziet iedereen de wolf - Het Nieuwsblad

Will,Luna,Mason,Red and Emma.Wait Luna and Emma are having kids with who!- Stone sadly finds out the love between, Jacob and Emma went to far and Luna and Will the same way and they are having hybrid kids.

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My other Side"                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

[Eurasian Wolf: " Yoo filthy lot of humans, soes fixed on murderin' animals. Yoo haz blood on yer hands and yer hearts be black.

Love me! by x-crossroad........    "You DO trust me, now don't you, my dear....hmmmmm???"

* * " Remember, noes matter how much dey say dey love yoo; allz humans be biased. Please sign petitions to stop de slaughter of me species.


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