Roots Premium Spirits branding and packaging design by Bob Studio

Even something like this? the non burners may not have access to paper if it has become scarce, so maybe their forced to advertise their cause on anything they can find

Soaked packaging Experimental packaging proposal for Pure Spring water by Copenhagen based designer Henriette Kruse. I like this concept. It would be interesting to see how this would look with actual type instead of handwriting. (via thoughtsatdusk)


42 Examples of Packaging Designs That Incorporate Handwritten-Style Typography


Botellas con un diseño limpio, que permite ver la pureza del contenido.

Beautiful and Expressive Packaging Design

Italian design firm RBA created the visual identity and packaging for "Cantine Gancia"

Cantine Gancia

Cantine Gancia on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery


Alcohol packaging usually has a very traditional design because of the age of the brands, so this design by Maas Design for VODA vodka captured my att.

Packaging inspiration

Naked Premium Beer Packaging - If a company has pride in its products then surely an honest exposure of them is a clever merchandizing strategy. Naked Premium Beer packaging tell.

Fuel Coffee, in the choices of Unleaded and Regular. #packaging #design

Best. Coffee Packaging. Ever.

Branding and packaging designed for Fuel, a cafe & custom coffee shop located in Brighton MA, by Richie Stewart of Commoner, Inc.

Gunnar Cook Photography / pattern, packaging, typography // cwisnieski_tavernvinegar_01 — Designspiration

Christine Wisnieski created logo and packaging solution for Tavern Vinegar Company, a line small-batch of vinegars made from recycled excess beer and wine by Chef Jonathon Sawyer.

Beautiful. How is it bold AND understated at the same time? Werklig

The Dieline Awards 2015: 2nd Place Spirits- Kyrö Distillery Company

The Dieline Awards Place Spirits- Kyrö Distillery Company — The Dieline - Package Design Resource

Harvey Milk Wine  "I have tasted freedom. I will not give up that which I have tasted. I have a lot more to drink." - Harvey Milk  Designed by Emily Hale, a student at Pratt Institute.

Student Spotlight: Harvey Milk Wine

Harvey Milk Wine "I have tasted freedom. I have a lot more to drink." - Harvey Milk Designed by Emily Hale, a student at Pratt Institute.

A Design Award and Competition - Images of Undercover Pinot Noir by Alexandru Patru

Milky Bottle of Milk Packaging Design

Packaging Inspiration | #958

Bureaunoirceur:Package design in Coffee Industry


Jonah + the whale premium vodka. This one is just a shame. To take such an elegant bottle and put those lame, childish illustrations of whales on it. …I just think this could have been crafted so much better for a premium product.

Packaging inspiration

Packaging inspiration

Black Packaging by Eliane Cadieux for Ginger Tea / on TTL Design

Haven't hade the beer yet but the cans are pretty. (Hilliard’s Brewery A new craft brewery in Seattle by Mint design.