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yoga kittens ... Werkt perfect op de molitli gietvloer van echt beton!!! Zelfs de katten worden er blij van:))

Chocolate Coloured Kitty - 8th December 2014

Thank Heavens For Fire Fighters

You can see the gratitude in this poor cat's eyes. The fact that a firefighter would go to the trouble of rescuing a cat makes my day. God, I love these pictures. Firefighters are AWESOME!

Gorgeous blue point ragdoll x

Bit more of a Soft or True Summer quality here, compared to the Soft Autumn kitten a few days ago. Pinker tones in the greys. Why does Summer influence make me think of cats and kittens? The dark grey eyeliner as pants, the white as a blouse, the eyes as

Liquids take the shape of the container.  Cats are liquids???

funny cat sleeping indide glass bowl

Liquid takes shape of a bowl.Cat takes shape of a bowl.Therefore Cat is a Liquid :P hahahah ^^

☛All Things Color Splash☚

Snowshoe cat w/beautiful markings ***** Gorgeous cat with a striking stare


Many wonderful little pets are merely waiting to be adopted, too. Each cat might have to be licensed if it will be accepted to reside at the cafe.

“I sometimes longed for someone who, like me, had not adjusted perfectly with his age, and such a person was hard to find; but I soon discovered cats, in which I could imagine a condition like mine, and books, where I found it quite often.” -- Julio Cortázar, Around the Day in Eighty Worlds

Cat Hammock. Enough Said.

How great to find a sunny window seat to curl up and read in!

by Simon Lee Nikon Select 2011-07-18 16-04-18

pissed off kitty face! kitties don't "do" walking on a leash.

I can sleep wherever I want

If I fits I sits. Sometimes they don't even have to fit to sit lol

Being a mother, no matter how tired you are, kids are always important to you - Imgur

Being a mother, no matter how tired you are, kids are always important to you - Imgur


My name is Hannah 26 artist redhead, wood nymph, cat momma and all around animal lover. I post things relevant to myself and my likes. I do not claim these photos as my own unless stated otherwise.

Razão de viver....

I'd really rather we have the fish instead of the chicken tonight, but either is preferable over the beef. and the dog's not invited, regardless.