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I'm happy to be weird. When people tell you this, don't take it as an insult, love yourself for it.

I get called weird a lot and this is how we should look at being weird it's not bad it's wonderful. I love being called weird!

We have at least 4 outgoing OCD kids in my class (including me) we don't care what's going on we all make a mad dash to erase it as soon as we notice it

So true! I feel like this like everyday at school! There's always just that ONE teacher that just HAS to urk my nerves! Oh man that used to drive me crazy when I was in school!

Every time lol

So true<<< I have to do this sometimes because I have regular glasses for nearsightedness, so basically I watch the movie all blurry or I just don't see at all

I use this all the time!!

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I also do that watchin tv…

I do this all the time especially with songs like I will be writing something and listening to music and then I'll randomly start writing the song lyrics on accident haha

& you can get to the never side by Insulting One Direction Insulting some one I love Insulting ANYONE! Being critical Being offensive (Like whistling @ a girl, A LADY NOT A DOG) , But I promise I am nice & happy :D yep

SO ME, okay some guy may have been in love with me, but they didn't say a word if they are!<<<<< This made me sad because it's true, for me at least.

Teenager Post - Family: Your so pretty! I bet tons of guys are falling for you! School: Someone poke it with a stick, see if it bites

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Who has the time to say after Thank you relatable post I thought I was the only one!

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