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Perfect Bucket List | Before I die.

24 adorable surprise proposals that will melt your heart

Guy secretly gets someone to photograph proposal. every girl wants a picture of that moment

DONE! 3/8/12


love daisies

Bucket List: Lay down in a field of daisies, except no fucking bees!

Check- thanks to Josh and Michelle. I saw Greenlei being born...absolutely amazing.

bucket list: witness a miracle. Check, done! The miracle of life!

Bucket list. ( already have )(Cassie Roberson)*******I have

- CURRENTLY DOING THAT. It has taken me 3 years to grow out the permanent dye as I did not want to have any chemical treatments on my hair. Its finally back to my natural hair colour without any chemical interferance

go on a road trip!!!! YOLO

bucket list.

Bucket list/ before I die I want to go on a road trip but like a cross country road trip with friends


Of course I've climbed trees before xD. Gonna see how high I can climb in one of our pine trees this summer.

ahaha this made me laugh.. this kind of thing frustrates me, lol! Did it once! Lol

I always finish the conditioner before the shampoo and i can never understand it. It’s like what the fuck their the same size i think i use the same amount each time. Why do i always finish the conditioner first?

i've watched it with my brother if that counts :)

One of our many favorite things to do together. The Bahamas has the best sunsets ever.

This is actually a requirement for a Boy Scout merit badge, although, you have to swim I think 100 yards then tread water for fifteen minutes.

Jump into a pool fully clothed. Because I've seen it done by others and in movies and it just seems like a fun thing to do.

perfect bucket list, found on #polyvore. bucket list before i die #bucketlist #pictures

but i really want to have one on a beach! we have them all the time in the summer though because we have a fire pit in the back yard

Things To Do Before I Die

Go on a road trip to Disneyland. This would be so much fun! I'd love road tripping to California and then being a kid again at Disneyland. Disney World, too!