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desenhos das grutas do piauí - Pesquisa Google

CCBB - Rio de Janeiro

Painted image of long-horned cow with human figure underneath, Laas Geel, Somalia. (Photograph © TARA/David Coulson).

First Painters May Have Been Neanderthal, Not Human

First Painters May Have Been Neanderthal, Not Human European cave paintings are older than previously thought, raising the possibility that Neanderthals rather than Homo sapiens were the earliest painters. That’s not yet certain: The paintings may have been made by humans at an unexpectedly early date, which would itself raise intriguing questions, though none so tantalizing as Neanderthal painters.

Galician Petroglyphs, NW Spain

Nine Mile Canyon Coalition - Pictures

Rock drawing of a human figure, possibly a shamanistic dancer

tête de cheval - grotte COSQUER Ancient France

Risultati immagini per incisioni rupestri della valcamonica

Prehistoric cave paintings at Diana's Farm near Rusape, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). | © Paul Almasy