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The difference between a cat and dog's reaction to exercise.   Dog: Oh, can we go for a walk maybe we'll make friends and I get to sniff things and it'll be so much fun! Cat: You mean I have to move? And see other beings? Ugghh. I'll pass.

OK this one actually made me laugh out loud! I had a cat that did exactly this. Dogs vs Cats, some from the perspective of dog lovers, some from cat lovers, some neutral. Pics) NOTE: Unfortunate language choices on some pics within the pin.

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A simple photo of a cat served as the creative muse for countless online artists. Click through to see where the world’s creativity can take this little kitty… [via bp]

I am magical. You'll never tell if I'm a cat or a frog!

I realize this picture is old, but look at this! This kitten is acting like it's a frog! Come on, kitten, you aren't fooling ANYONE with this silly hat. You aren't even wearing the rest of your costume!

good spot

Cat and dog cuddling <------ No. Clearly this is a photo of a cat who conquered a dog and is using him as a bed. Because that's what cats do.

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Funny pictures about True meaning of love. Oh, and cool pics about True meaning of love. Also, True meaning of love.

Oh sheesh, this is cold!

There’s just something about the snow that brings out the puppy and kitten in our dogs and cats! These fur babies are no exception. You can see how they truly enjoy the deep snow as they run and play and…disappear.