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Flautas de bisel e outros instrumentos de iniciação musical Orff, encontra no Salão Musical de Lisboa.

Bamboo Saxophones, the most mento of instruments

Flautas e outros instrumentos de iniciação musical da Nuvo, encontra no Salão Musical de Lisboa.

Although I don't enjoy playing it personally; I do like to hear others play it!

de Sal達o Musical de Lisboa - Instrumentos Musicais

Lisboa, Portugal

Saxofones, trompetes, clarinetes, flautas transversais e outros instumentos de sopro, compre no Salão Musical de Lisboa.

Colima Flute — West Mexico 200 BC - 200 AD

Gaeng, Hmong people, Laos/northern Thailand, 20th century. Free reed mouth organ with six pairs of bamboo tubes set into a gourd windchest. Like the khaen and the Chinese sheng, each tube contains a reed, typically made of brass. The gaeng is often played to accompany dancing in funeral rites and other rituals.

PIRI The piri is a Korean double reed instrument, used in both the folk and classical (court) music of Korea. It is made of bamboo. Its large reed and cylindrical bore gives it a sound mellower than that of many other types of oboe. In the typical piri, there are eight finger holes on the bamboo body. Seven of the finger holes are on the front and one is on the back for the thumb. [1]