olives ready to make olive oil

Freshly Picked Olives ~ Ready To Make Olive Oil ~ There Are Tours Where You Can take part to harvest and go to the oil mill to make oil

Cabernet...Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular and widely planted red grape varietals in the world

One of nature’s successful accidents. Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular and widely planted red grape varietals in the world. Part of its attraction is that it has a distinct.

A Heart in Provence: Bathed by the sun!

Saturday morning market, at the square ‘Place des Lices’, Provence, France OLIVES

"Чесночный ликер от кучи болезней".... В прозрачную бутылку положить 12 зубчиков чеснока, каждый разделенный на 4 части. Залить тремя стаканами красного вина. Закрыть и поставить на окно, на Солнце на две недели. Каждый день взбалтывать 2 - 3 раза. По окончании срока, процедить и перелить в темную бутылку. Принимать этот ликер необходимо по чайной ложке три раза в день в течении месяца.

There's a lot more to becoming a wine expert than tossing back a glass now and then. You've got to know the vocab — tannin, bouquet, terroir, aroma — not to

Olive oil with olive branch | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Olive oil with olive branch ,it seems drizzling olive oil on warm bread is the best thing ever!

Green Olives by Lara Ferroni, via Flickr. Rustic, one of the style words he used for me.

Not only does amber & olive make for a beautiful color pallet, it also has practical benefits for health when used as a food~ [ Green Olives- polyphenols - anti-cancer ]

Learn About Port Wine: A Quick Tutorial  Port with stilton cheese, walnuts and pears is a great final course when entertaining.

Learn about port wine. There's tawny port and ruby port, what's the difference? Port wines offer great flavors and make a delicious after dinner drink.

Javier Mulio

Javier Mulio (Spanish b. Known for realistic, exquisite reproductions of still life images, it is no coincidence t.

Vignoble Diffonty - 750 ml

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Marcellino pane e vino

Marcellino pane e vino