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Kate Moss

Kate Moss: The Supermodel's Most Memorable Hair From 1990 To Now

Kate Moss, 2001. Perhaps to transition out of her cocaine-chic look during the nineties, she cut her long hair into this pixie cut in 2001.

26 of the Best Short Haircuts in History

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10 Celebrities Who Are Rocking Their Pixie Cuts                                                                                                                                                     More

10 Celebrities Who Are Rocking Their Pixie Cuts

Want to sport a new hairstyle? Get inspired by these empowered women who rock their pixie haircuts!

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Pixie cut

Pixie hair is great for crossdressing. You can style it like a girl when you dress up in femme or slick it back like a boy when you need to be in homme. Edited photo of Amra Cerkezovic by me. I feel like this, I want to be like this.