Norwegian Rosemaling (“rose painting") which flourished in the 18th and 19th centuries, with its bold colours, stylized roses and acanthus scrolls is stroke work painting at its finest.   Blended and flowing 'C' and 'S' strokes are used to make up the scrolls, and the design is enhanced with commas, teardrops and fine sweeping strokes.  Household objects, walls and ceilings were painted in this style which derives from the elaborate carved scrolls found on Viking longboats. Regional…

Norwegian Rosemaling (“rose painting"): stroke work demonstrated with stylized roses and acanthus scrolls

Papel bauernmalerei para decoupagem

Papel bauernmalerei para decoupagem


Created by Ellen Giggenbach. Each original piece of artwork is created by hand cutting specially coloured paper to produce designs which have an eclectic mix of simple and shapes, European folk art and traditional romantic imagery.