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ritengo che questo poster sia un " good typography" perchè le parole creano un quadro che incanta il pubblico . Il carattere si adatta all'atmosfera del quadro . Anche i colori sono di grande contrasto con il nero. La scelta del font e della posizione è efficace prende lo scopo di questo poster prende significato. Tutte le caratteristiche dei principi tipografici in questo poster si fondono insieme in modo ottimale è adeguato per la promozione di questo poster.

By Jen Sublasky. I really like the design in this flyer, though hard to read. As far as proximity is concerned, everything is right next to each other. There is no repetition to be seen. The contrast that makes it appear as a glass of beer.

1986.Marije Grafsma

Designspiration is the hub for discovering great art, design, architecture, photography, typography and web inspiration.

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Celebrating the Swiss National Day (August Pully, on the shore of Lake Geneva, is known for its fireworks. Poster by Nicolas Zentner gregmelander: “PULLY A great poster design by Nicolas.

Well, I mean... Huh, that's weird hahaha. I understand what you're saying but the stakes aren't high & if that's how you motivate yourself I feel like a horrible person haha. Can you think of another way to motivate yourself maybe? Haha like, idk, just something else...it's kind of funny because any reason to motivate yourself to workout other than to get healthier kind of sounds superficial. I do it because I just want to look & feel better. The look part is shallow but idc, that's why I do…

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As we always say ''typograpy is everywhere'',one of the most common use of typography is in the poster designs.Typography has long been a vital part of

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In From up North’s typography posts we present our latest findings of stunning designs primarily made with words and letters.

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The way the Empire State Building, an apple, and a steam hole(?) are all combined into the word New York.

Theme?? Working together all in it together not just one person it's a group thing

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"Change The Thought" print. This style also could be explored. Overstepping letters and the word is broken down.like sat ur day in 3 lines.

HEY: three dimensional / type / illusion / dot pattern CREDIT: Backup Visual

Designspiration is the hub for discovering great art, design, architecture, photography, typography and web inspiration.