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True Visionary: Create a Personalized Vision Board -- or add pictures/paint chips with similar colors as the room

True Visionary: Create a Personalized Vision Board

True Visionary: Create a Personalized Vision Board. I need to make one of these for our soon to be office

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vision Boards

Vision Boards, also known as Dream Boards, are a popular tool for helping people visualize their goals. The boards can help bring into focus the goals and dreams you want to achieve.

What if you could look at a picture of your dream life and in an instant it became your reality? That's exactly what a vision board can do! Here are some tips to make a truly effective and inspiring vision board that will be sure to change your life.

How to Create a Vision Board

How to Create an Effective & Inspiring Vision Board - one of the best and easiest ways to transform your life!

Vision Board Party

I finally had my Vision Board party and it was so much fun! Twelve lovely ladies showed up and we had an amazing time. The party was stoc.

create a vision board to become a better YOU!

There are three styles of learning: Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic.For a balanced life, we need a combination and balance of these three.When setting intentions and harnessing the