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Foto de Márcio Leitão pra zonadapalavra !

22 incríveis esculturas feitas com fitas de aço

A artista Rose Janette desenha lindas borboletas que parecem estar saindo de partituras musicais e de folhas caídas das árvores. De acordo com Jeanette, as

ilustrações de salvador dalí para alice no país das maravilhas

O universo criado por Lewis Carroll em Alice no País das Maravilhas é uma das mais fascinantes obras da literatura infantil. São mais de 150 anos desde a sua publicação e a história continua sendo uma referência universal que ganha versões, adapta...

andreas smetana - fotografias com nus

"Body to Body" This is just creepy if you click on it.

((open/w Kaya)) I am walking through the forest with my tomahawk. I am super bored that is until I hear some twigs snapping behind me I turn to see you.

sublime sunset image of bird moses "walking" on water: "In action" by Alin Stancioiu on 500px

A portion of the Carina Nebula is known as the Keyhole Nebula (NGC 3324), a name given to it by John Herschel in the 19th century. The Keyhole Nebula is actually a much smaller and darker cloud of cold molecules and dust, containing bright filaments of hot, fluorescing gas, silhouetted against the much brighter background nebula.

20 Insane Facts About Masturbation You Don’t Know

1. Bill Clinton was pressured by Republicans to fire Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders over her statements supporting masturbation for sexual health (she famously said masturbation could help with the AIDS crisis). Now we celebrate National Masturbation Month in her honor! What a legacy, Mrs. Elders. In Connecticut in the 17th century, masturbators could be put to death for their actions.Way to be a downer, Connecticut. Did you know Mark Twain gave a lecture in 1874 solely on the topic of…

Sit on the porch at night and have a glass of wine,