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10 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 5

Traditional Yoga for Abs We're sticking to sun salutations today with some options for some core work mixed in. If you've been looking for a go-to Yoga Ab wo.

10 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 9

Yoga for Easy Abs Today we're easing off a bit. You're still going to get some work in, but we're moving more efficiently without having to do a TON of inten.

10 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1- core-strengthening flow

Playlist of all of Erin Motz ab challenge series. Time to kick butt at building ab/core strength.

Pin now, practice later! A 30 min power yoga - creative sequencing, no mat.

30 Minute Creative Sequencing Power Yoga Video

Some really cool transitions in this one! 30 Minute Creative Sequencing Power Yoga - No Mat! - Yoga by Candace

10 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 7

Core Balancing Act We're used to doing ab work from a lying down position, but today we're getting creative! Working the core from a standing position and th.

Losing weight and getting in shape can seem overwhelming if you’re just getting started, but it doesn’t have to be.

15 Little Changes to See Big Results

Read this article to see what little changes you can make to make a big difference! I'll never be a skinny Minnie, and don't really want to be (I my curves), but healthy is good. So I'm going to get healthier this year!


♂ Graphic quotes - The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body by Jason Crandell

Top 15 Women's Exercises For Abs | Fit Villas

Top 15 Women's Exercises For Abs

Top 15 Women’s Exercises For Abs : Here are 15 effective abs exercise for women that will help you to burn the fat

This is for my headstand people - definitely not suitable for beginners.

Headstand Sequence

Now that I can get into headstand and stay in it, I wanna start practicing this sequence!