More importantly, NEVER give up on someone you love~!
Buddha, one of our great Masters. This is all that matters each and every day. Go out and love the world with your kind hearts and minds. Divine Consciousness - Google+
Hey @anniejayjay would you mind creating a board to honor me? I'll give you a list of people to invite. That way I can keep up with who accepts and who doesn't. Thanks much!
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Por que fechamos nossos olhos enquanto rezamos, choramos, beijamos, sonhamos?  Porque a maioria das coisas bonitas na vida não são vistas com os olhos e sim sentidas apenas com o coração".
E nem mais.

A melhor frase para terminar um ano e dar início a outro ...

Yes you do!
Inspirational quote - The only people worthy to be in your life are the ones that help you through the hard times