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Ruger LCP 380 Auto Custom Centerfire Pistol - $225.88 shipped | Slickguns

Save those thumbs

Ruger LCP.380 Auto $275 BUY NOW! FREE AMMO & Mag! - http://gunsforsalebuy.com/ruger-lcp-380-auto-275-buy-now-free-ammo-mag.html

Ruger 380 - in my purse at all times - very light weight at only oz.

Ruger® LC9™ 9 mm Luger Pistol

Prepare for success with centerfire pistol ammunition, shells and huge variety of bullets and shooting gear at Academy Sports + Outdoors.

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The only gun i want (concealed carry ruger lcp w/laser)

Ruger's New LC9 Compact 9mm Pocket Pistol

Despite having several Rugers already, I may end up with this for carry. Ruger’s New Compact Pocket Pistol is in the middle, the bottom is the LCP, a

Ruger 3250 LC9S Pro 9MM Crimson Trace Laser : Semi Auto Pistols at GunBroker.com

Buy Ruger 3250 Pro Crimson Trace Laser: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Pistols Pistols Firearms All

10 self defense guns

Six Self-Defense Handguns Under $350

The Ruger LCP is a compact 380 Auto from the industry leader in rugged, reliable firearms. From backup firearms for law enforcement to licensed carry for personal protection, the LCP is the perfec

Ruger® Ruger American Pistol® * Centerfire Pistol Model 8637

Ruger® Ruger American Pistol® * Centerfire Pistol Model 8637 comes with two 10 rd mags

Ruger SR9C Compact. Yes girls I'll be getting a holster for this too ;) knife on one thigh & gun on my other hip. Bring on the bears. And snakes.

Ruger Compact Pistol Stainless Steel Finish - Exactly what mine looks like, stainless w/ extended clip and all


SMITH AND WESSON BODYGUARD 380 - I have had one of these for a year or so. I like the Shield 9 Infinitely better, but this one is perfect for pocket carry, and for when you are too lazy to wear a holster.

brand new Ruger .22 just came out!

Blake just bought this pistol for me! Ruger I loooove it! My favorite thing about this gun is it has a decocker on it!