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writing humor

The site Thumbs & Ammo takes stills from violent scenes in movies and replaces the weaponry with that classic symbol of positivity — the thumbs-up — because “real tough guys don’t n…

Doing Research For A Novel

Studying for finals

You have a point, Willy Wonka

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that's basically how it worked for history.@Casey Dalene Dalene Dalene Adkins-Bakhsh this Victoria? AVENGERS!

Studying for finals

Funny pictures about When studying for finals. Oh, and cool pics about When studying for finals. Also, When studying for finals.

Im A PHD Student

What I Think I do Meme Part II

Welcome to New England

Welcome to New England


Last workout today. But cardio continues through tomorrow. And then it's tan time with my favorite Mary-God-Mother! And then I can say I am pro at something other than being a clutz.