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This picture from today's "Jungle Canal Day Tour" is what we call LIVING the Panama Canal! Two kids feeding a Geoffroy's tamarin monkey.

Did you know that Capuchin monkeys are highly intelligent? They use tools to crack nuts open in the wild and research has even shown that they actually have negotiation skills on par with a three year old! The best place in Panama to observe these savvy monkeys is in Lake Gatun, during our Canal Jungle Day Tour!

Silvery Marmoset - Mico argentatus - A member of the family Callitrichidae, this New World monkey lives in the eastern Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. Originally rainforest inhabitants, plantations have caused them to increase their range. This primate is diurnal and spends the night in tree hollows or in very close vegetation


Silvery Marmoset - Clever, White Mini-Monkey

Silvery Marmoset

We took a picture of this little fellow during last sunday's Jungle Canal Day Tour. Capuchin monkeys are always photogenic :-)

Living in the Lake Gatun part of the Panama Canal has its perks... Like having monkeys as neighbors :-)

Our Panama Tours showcase what is best of the Panama Canal. Live the Jungle life at our unique Panama Lodge, the one & only Floating Lodge in the Panama Canal.

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