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OMG!! X'D  But Poor Yoosung though. I feel bad for laughing. LOLOL.

He got laid on his own route.still an adorable puppy though cx

ITS ALMOST JAEHEE'S || Mystic Messenger ★

MysticMessenger omg so close to guiding but.😫I'm off by 48 hours wahhh

My thoughts while playing Jaehee's route

Talking to Jumin is so difficult in Jaehee's route. I either have to fight him, or be an asshole to Jaehee

Mystic Messenger

Saeyoung "Luciel" Choi X MC, Saeran "Unknown" Choi, Mystic Messenger

Maybe, they tell us to eat and take care of ourselves, because they don't want us to end up like them and they want us to be healthy. They all wish for our well-being, even though they're basically failing at that themselves and it's really sad. They should really try to take care of themselves, as well.

Welcome to the game where of the time the topic in the chatroom is "Has Mc eaten her fcking meal" lololol .

Lol Elizabeth 3rd is.. ALWAYS the center of everyone's attention.

Lol Elizabeth is. ALWAYS the center of everyone's attention.<<That’s so true I want to cry from laughter