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Course it's Monday! Does this look like a Friday face to you? Haha funny Monday quotes Dog puppy boxer mad face # Mondays suck << Hope you have a great day and a good week ahead


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"My German Shepherd isn't allowed on my bed. When I caught him, he rolled off and tried to act casual." Dog says: "She'll never know I was on the bed! I'll look cute and pretend I need to be fed!" (Additional Caption Written By: © Lynn Chateau.

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Bonnie always jumps up on the settee, in Mum's seat, after she's had a mudbath :)

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hhahaha this is our dog at 5 o'clock on the dot. I miss having a husky. Maybe when we move and have a yard he'll let me get a husky puppy to keep the greyhound company.

black labs matter-all labs matter. we used to have a yellow lab and getting a black lab tomorrow

Lab puppy as cute as can be. It's fun watching puppies figure things out, just like our children.

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