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Воскресный винегрет. Сорок первый выпуск.

fanart- Laputa The Castle in the sky

things studio ghibli taught me

Things Studio Ghibli Taught Me: Princess Mononoke - Howl's Moving Castle -My Neighbor Totoro - Castle in the Sky - Spirited Away - Ocean Waves - Kiki's Delivery Service - The Cat Returns - Spirited Away

I am immersing myself in all that is Ghibli... Ghibli Art Rework

I am immersing myself in all that is Ghibli. Ghibli Art Rework -This man is a genius!

Princess Mononoke fan art

miyazaki-ru on

Studio Ghlibli Food

Studio Ghibli Food

Anime food ALWAYS looks better than real life food, and recreation of Anime food is just making really hungry ^_^*

Wow. I never did this much research, but yu actually means oil..

Funny pictures about Interesting Fact About Spirited Away. Oh, and cool pics about Interesting Fact About Spirited Away. Also, Interesting Fact About Spirited Away photos.

miyazaki_fanart: The Wind Rises

miyazaki_fanart: The Wind Rises


My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky, Kiki& Delivery Service, Howl& Moving Castle, and Spirited Away

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More Princess Mononoke fan art with San, Ashitaka, Yakul, the brothers, and the Deer God in the background. And of course the little Kodama!

Fujimoto - Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea,Studio Ghibli

Wondering which Studio Ghibli films to watch?

Studio Ghibli Art Nouveau by Takumi http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=4873996

OMIGOD MY TWO FAVORITE THINGS GHIBLI AND NOUVEAU! Pixiv user marlboro creates richly detailed portraits of the characters from Hayao Miyazaki's films. Each art nouveau-flavored illustration is packed with images and symbols from each movie.

Just a walk by Ryoko-san18

Just a walk by Ryoko-san18

Studio Ghibli x Attack on Titan, awesome

Miyazaki, studio ghibli, and shingeki no kyojin image