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The 'Bloodgood Maple' is the most poplar cultivar of the Japanese Maple tree.Bloodgood maple is a wonderful addition when considering landscaping.The bloodgood japanese maple tree holds it's color better thur the summer than most.

Japan's Autumn Splendor: Maple 紅葉 (Momiji) Trees

Speciman trees - Japanese Maple Red lace leaf Inaba Shidare or Tamukeyama cold hardy to zone 4

bloodgood Japanese maple

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Dwarf Japanese Red Maple

1000 Japanese Maple Tree Seeds The Japanese Maple Tree is a popular tree for landscape use. It is a slow growing tree, reaching 10 to 15 feet over

Acer Palmatum Fireglow Fireglow is the perfect name for this small upright Japanese maple. The leaves emerge more dark red than purple in spring and are thinner than other cultivars making them somewhat translucent. If sited where it can be viewed with the rising or setting sun behind it the leaves will glow a bright red. Rather slow growing for an upright. Fall colour is bright red. Mature Height: 10-12 ft.  Mature Width:  6-8ft.

Fireglow Japanese Maple is a beautiful, smaller variety of maple with brilliant red leaves spring through fall. It can take more sun than other japanese maples, and it's smaller size makes it a good choice for a container planting.

Firefall maple with Miss Kim lilacs under it to screen master bedroom

Firefall Maple (Acer x freemanii 'Firefall') at The Growing Place

Japanese Red Maple Care Facts and Growing Tips

Japanese Red Maple Care Facts and Growing Tips - I have 2 of these. One outside my kitchen window & one outside my Library window.

Crape Myrtle comparison charts.  Colors, growth rates, length of blooms, mature heights

Tonto crape myrtle trees bloom bright pink flowers throughout the summer. Line your landscape with these beautiful, fast growing crape myrtles!