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Best photo in the #whoviandrea hashtag this week goes to @Lilians_books: DM me for your prize! // I REALLY want thai-food but my patents said no but I feel like I deserve it because I woke up at nine to go to my first yoga class AND I did a lot of math today (because I think it's fun but still). I NEED THAI FOOD

Multi fandom wallpaper...really cool

the supernatural fandom took over a doctor who fandom post

MOFFAT!!! Dude, you gotta realise that there are many people who want to rip your head off-STILL- for killing Sherlock, even though he's ok.

Toy story + fandoms= awesome!!! :)

BAHAHAHAHA David Tennant in places he shouldn't be...

Headcanon accepted.

... um...ummmmmmm...

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