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The Smoking Spaceman was made in Japan in 1962 for U.S. toy maker Marx.

Attack of the Vintage Toy Robots! Justin Pinchot on Japan’s Coolest Postwar Export

vintage robot toysAttack of the Vintage Toy Robots Justin Pinchot on Japan s Coolest

Does this not look like a Royal Robot? A robot painted as if the Queen was standing there; they pratcically are royalty in today's society.

Edward Bateman - Mechanical Brides of the Uncanny from Nazraeli Press, Books on the Fine and Applied Arts


Anne Francis with Robbie the Robot star's of Sci-Fi classic 1956 Forbidden Planet. Made in 1956 and STILL one of the best science fiction movies ever made. See a very young Leslie Nielsen as the ship captain when he was known as a dramatic actor!

The Steampunk Robots Of Lawrence Northey.

Lawrence Northey robots - USA Star Brass, aluminum and glass. Man, he has some beautiful bots!

This is a picture to buy...BUT I would like to have the robot.

8x12 Photo Print: Vintage Green Space Robot Toy



Metal House Battery Op New TV Robot, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Lobby Decoration: Metal House Battery Op New TV Robot, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Neatstuff-Offers the new Robby the Robot from Ray Rohr and Osaka Tin Toys including Starwars wind-ups.

Hex Head Robot(gear version) from the famed "Metal House" Tin Toy Robot factory…