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пейзажи природы - Pesquisa Google

пейзажи природы - Pesquisa Google

пейзажи природы - Pesquisa Google

Гиганты мира природы

10. Этот оазис скрыт в глубине пустыни Омана, Аравийский полуостров.

These strange deep-sea creatures look like they could be characters from a new science fiction film. The menacing fangs of the viperfish make it the Hannibal Lecter of the deep, while the larval anglerfish looks terrified as it swims away. Photographer Norbert Wu snapped the unusual fish as they were raised onto a boat, while on a research expedition. The creatures were netted around 1,000ft below sea level.

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Удивительные уголки природы, которые светятся ночью. Улитки под названием Clusterwink начинают светиться когда они чем-то взволнованы, физически возбуждены. Такие улитки встречаются на восточном побережье Австралии.

This formation is located in Yehlia Geopark, Taiwain – an area of unusual natural formations of sandstone with limestone rocks which have been sculpted by wind and sea erosion. The erosion process left interesting pillar and mushroom-shaped formations scattered throughout the site. Many of them have interesting names such as the Queen’s Head (the most famous formation shaped like Queen Nefertiti), Fairy’s Shoe, Candle, Stone Heart, Bean Curd, Dragon Head,

Great White Shark swimming at surface. Great White Sharks are found throughout the world's oceans mostly in temperate and sometimes warm waters but occasionally in cold environments. Recent scientific research using satellite tags has found that adults can undertake long return migrations across entire ocean basins and back, while juveniles stay closer to the shore, but can also undertake long-distance coastal migrations