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Army of ants build their own bridge by climbing on top of each other

Instead of climbing back down, the determined weaver ants made their own bridge to get to the other parts of the tree

Army of ants build their own bridge by climbing on top of each other

Photographer Adhi Prayoga snapped the ants in Mataram, Indonesia.

Trees Trap Ants Into Sweet Servitude A sip of nectar enslaves ants to the trees they guard. An enzyme in the nectar of acacia trees makes ants chemically dependent on their sugar.

Not all of the thorns on a swollen-thorn Acacia house the ants' larvae, but those that do are heavily guarded. Here, Pseudomyrmex spinicola patrol a nest entrance, ready to use their stings if the photographer approaches too close.

Photo & Co - Andrey Pavlov

[Pics] 'Ant Tales' - Unbelievable Pictures Of Ants Depicting Fantasy Based Scenarios

Velvet ant female, probably Dasymutilla vestita. Hembra de "hormiga de terciopelo", en realidad se trata de un himenóptero vespoideo, más próximo a una avispa o abeja sin alas que a una hormiga (mutílidos).

Velvet Wasp - also called the Velvet ant female, probably Dasymutilla vestita.

Libero Mail - Leggi Mail

Novel research shows damage to fine hairs on ants’ antennae’s hinders the ability to determine who is a nest mate and who is a threat to the.

What have you learned from ants? - Quora

Ants Bridges building : a wonderful example of sacrifice and cooperation

Rolling Bridge, London, UK

Rolling Bridge, London, by designer Thomas Heatherwick, designed by SKM Anthony Hunt with Packman Lucas, and built by Littlehampton Welding Ltd. The Hydraulic design and development was done by Primary Fluid Power Ltd in the North West.


La vie secrètes des fourmis – 18 nouvelles photographies incroyables d’Andrey Pavlov

Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov creates unbelievable ant images that are surprisingly devoid of any digital manipulation The pictures in this series may