Ikes' World: FREEBIE FRIDAY 24

Well here I am again running late. but I am preparing for the Island's major Art Exhibition so am working double time !

Image from http://www.lorriewhittington.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Dreams-Ink-Illustration-May-30th-2012.jpg.

Today we share the work of Illustrator and Designer Lorrie Whittington Lorrie Whittington, completing her education back in the she has been a fixture in the creative industries ever since.

How I draw curly and wavy hair! by =PiccolaRia on deviantART

How to draw Gintoki's weedy messy curly hair and some bonus tips on how to draw his "dead fish eyes" More on the way~~ Coloring girl in a kimono THE CIT. Tutorial: how to draw Gintoki's messy curly hair