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DÜRER, Albrecht Studies of Self-Portrait, Hand and Pillow 1493 Pen and ink on paper, 28 x 20 cm Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

some more ideas for my tattooo from my favorite artist Albrecht Durer, Melancholia, copper engraving 1514

Coat of Arms of Albrecht Dürer (German, Nuremberg ever questioned why Albrecht didn'tg make his coat of arms woodcut for sale until when he had most of his life to do it? Something special was going on in which is why he waited so long

DÜRER, Albrecht Flagellation (No. 1512 Engraving, 118 x 74 mm University Art Museum, Princeton

DÜRER, Albrecht Nativity 1504 Engraving, 183 x 120 mm Staatliche Museen, Berlin

Albrecht Durer - Christ on the Mount of Olives

1495 print wrongly called the Small Fortune because of paper size. Has the Hungarian thistle cipher symbol. Anyone noticed this woman could not be balancing on this ball as depicted?